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Achieve optimal wellness in the comfort of home.

Private, professional, and focused consultations.

Our pharmacists are happy to speak with you anytime about your prescriptions, but for more in-depth conversations, we also offer private consultation services. Secure, one-on-one virtual/online settings help you with your health goals, and we can create solutions to achieve optimal wellness.

What to expect in the consultation process.


· Complete medical questionnaire and symptom evaluation online 

· Perform lab work if needed

· Schedule online 


· A full hour of dedicated time with a pharmacist 

· Call or log-in via video chat 

· Discuss your health concerns and goals 

· Develop your personalized Wellness Plan


· Review your consultation notes (provided) 

· Implement your personalized Wellness Plan

· We’ll talk to your doctor about any prescription options


· We’ll schedule a time to see how your Wellness Plan is going  

· If needed, shorter follow-up consultations are available

We can consult with you or a loved one on almost any health concern, including:

Female Hormone Balance

From hot flashes to mood swings and from low energy to weight gain, hormones impact many aspects of a woman’s life. Hormone balance is essential to a healthy, happy, productive lifestyle at any age.

Male Hormone Balance

Hormones regulate a man’s energy levels, sleep patterns, muscle strength, sexual desire and performance, weight, and general sense of well-being. Hormone balance is essential to a healthy, happy, productive lifestyle at any age.

Thyroid Function

Thyroid-related symptoms are common despite “normal” lab results. A thorough assessment of symptoms and more-specific blood tests can provide a different picture of thyroid function and how it can be improved.

Sleep Disruption

When you can’t sleep, everything is harder. Whether you need more sleep, better sleep, or both, our pharmacists can guide personalized solutions to your sleep challenges.

Stress, Anxiety & Adrenal Function

In our stressful lives, the brain can trigger the stress-response too often or too much until it literally wears itself out. This can lead to many problems such as fatigue, poor sleep, and weight gain. It is important to assess the health of the adrenal system so that repairs can be made if necessary. Healthy adrenals are vital components of hormone balance. When our adrenals are functioning properly, we can reach optimal health.

Consult Subjects

Some other important information before requesting your consultation.

Pricing & Fees

Consultation fees are based on our pharmacists' dedicated time and expertise. The initial full-length consultation  is scheduled for a full hour. If follow-up consultations are warranted, they are typically shorter and cost less. 

 1 Hour Consultation = $150           30 Minute Follow-Up = $75            Initial Consult & Follow-Up = $200

Hormone Testing

Saliva and blood-spot (finger-prick) tests are very helpful in assessing hormone balance.  We highly recommend you complete these tests before your consultation so the results can be considered during our conversation.  A DIY at-home test-kit can be obtained from the pharmacy or mailed at no cost.  When scheduling your consultation, please allow at least 2 weeks for sample-collection, mailing, analysis, and delivery of results (women who are still having monthly cycles may need to allow more time).  After requesting your consultation, our pharmacist will review your symptom evaluation and discuss which test-package is best for you: payment is made directly to the lab provider (ZRT Laboratory).  Check out this page for commonly asked questions about ZRT Laboratory’s tests, insurance coverage, etc.  Your consultation can proceed without test results, but a follow-up consultation will be needed to discuss test results.

Insurance Coverage

Unfortunately, most insurance plans do not reimburse for pharmacists’ consultation services.

Privacy & Security

Protecting and securing your medical information is of utmost importance to us. We utilize an online medical record program called Practice Better, which is similar to programs like MyChart your doctor might use. Practice Better is HIPAA-compliant and utilizes several forms of encryption to keep your information secure. You will get more information about Practice Better once your consultation is booked.

How To Schedule

Getting started is easy! Simply click on the consultation type, answer the questions, and submit payment type. After requesting a consultation, you'll receive an email with confirmation and next steps. If you have questions, please email

Request a consultation here.

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