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      Pure Encapsulations’ Phyto-ADR contains a range of ingredients that help promote fast adrenal gland recovery‚ and can therefore provide you with relief from the symptoms associated with fatigued adrenal glands. Some of the ingredients in these vegetable capsules include: 

      • Calcium pantothenate‚ a derivative of vitamin B-5‚ which activates your adrenal glands. 

      • Panax ginseng extract‚ which helps you resist stress and supports energy production by controlling the breakdown‚ storage‚ and use of sugars. 

      • Eleutherococcus senticosus extract‚ which functions similarly to Panax ginseng extract. 

      • Ashwagandha extract‚ which promotes immune system strength. 

      • Rhodiola rosea extract‚ which has a calming effect on your brain and supports the healthy functioning of your adrenal glands and immune system. 

      • Astragalus membranaceus extract‚ which boosts your immune system. 

      • Vitamin C‚ which boosts your immune system by stimulating the production of the cells that detect and destroy bacteria and viruses.
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