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Maximize Your Male Hormones Book

Maximize Your Male Hormones Book

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    To a great degree, we are who we are because of the hormones produced in our body. From our sexuality to our physical and mental development to the state of our health―we are all dependent on our hormones working properly. When there is an overproduction or under-production of any of our hormones, we can experience a host of serious health disorders. The problem is few of us ever connect these issues with our hormones. And while men may be familiar with testosterone, there are others that are just as important. To address this lack of information, bestselling author Dr. Pamela Wartian Smith has written Maximize Your Male Hormones, a clear guide for men to understand, identify, and treat the many common sources of these ailments including:

    Fatigue, Depression, Sexual Dysfunction, Headaches, Anger, Cancer, Nervousness, Weight loss/gain, Heart disease, Male menopause, Stress, Mood swings, Diabetes, Sleep apnea, And so much more

    These are all serious disorders that, if left untreated, can be life-threatening. By first recognizing this problem and identifying the hormone most normally associated with it, you will learn there is a great deal that you can do to fix the problem. In her book, Dr. Smith not only provides the medical treatments available―she also includes the natural supplements that have proven to be helpful, as well as the lifestyle changes that can help bring a hormone back in balance.

    If any of these problems sound familiar, maybe it’s time to do something about them. Don’t let your hormones ruin your life. With
    Maximize Your Male Hormones in hand, you will learn that there is a good deal that you can do to help control or even eliminate many of these disorders.

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