Pet compounding in jeopardy



The FDA has proposed new guidelines that have the potential to restrict the use of bulk compounding chemicals for animals, limiting our abilities to make your pets medications. Not only are these guidelines irrational, they also do not consider scenarios in which compounding medications are the only option, such as drug shortages.

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We are taking action and need your help. The FDA is accepting letters/comments through June 17. In addition to sending letters to the FDA, we are writing to Congress as well. The stronger our voices, the more likely they are to hear the concerns we have about how this will impact our furry family members.

We want to make it easy for you, your kids, your family, your vet, etc to reach out and make your voices heard. When you fill in the form below, we will turn it into letter form and send it to the FDA and Congress. The letters don't need to be perfectly written. We want to show them that this won't only affect us, but it will affect you and your family – furry members included.

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Still curious about what this is all about? We are more than willing to talk to you more about the guidelines, how you can help, or any other questions you have. Please feel free to reach out to us during our business hours.

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