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Long Term Care

Hoey Apothecary provides pharmacy services to patients in a variety of different settings, including:

  • Assisted living facilities
  • Intermediate nursing facilities
  • Memory care facilities
  • Community based residential facilities (CBRFs)
  • Independent supported living

The most popular packaging we provide are personal medication boxes (usually set up for weekly administration) and blister paks (usually set up for monthly administration), and pre-drawn syringes for diabetic patients.

Medication boxes are ideal for individuals in an assisted living or independent living situation who simply require assistance making sure they comply with their medication regimen, taking the rights meds at the right time and not accidentally over-medicating or skipping doses.  We can pre-fill medication boxes and deliver them on a regular schedule so that self administration once again becomes a manageable task.  Currently, the monthly fee for this repackaging and delivery service is $28 per month.

Blister paks, sometimes referred to as bubble paks, are commonly used by patients who require a greater level of care, such as in group homes, CBRFs, or similar living situations where meds are being administered by a trained aide or caretaker.  In general, blister paks are pre-filled for monthly administration.  These services include delivery, 24-hour emergency service, Medical Administration Records (MARs), and monthly in-house billing.  Please call us to discuss how we can meet the needs of your unique situation and to receive a price quote.

A prescription from a licensed practitioner is required for compounded medications. © Hoey Apothecary and Storey Marketing
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