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About Us

Hoey Apothecary was established in 1996, originally named Door Creek Pharmacy.  From the beginning, the mission of our community pharmacy was two-fold:

  1. To provide superior, personal healthcare in a comfortable, community setting.
  2. To be a positive force in our community.

Although there have been many curves and forks in the road we have traveled, we have stayed true to that mission.

Since the early 2000s, while we were still Door Creek Pharmacy, we began to delve into the area of custom compounding pharmaceuticals, or making prescribed medications from scratch in our lab, according to individual, custom formulas.  Custom compounding is a reversion back to the old fashioned way medications were made before they were produced by mass manufacturers.  The science and the art of compounding has seen a resurgence in recent years as a way of obtaining pharmaceuticals that are not available from mass drug manufacturers or for individual patients who can benefit from unique formulas.  In 2003, after realizing the future potential for compounding and realizing the limitations of our facility, we added a specialized compounding lab to our pharmacy.

Over the years, the volume of our compounded prescriptions has steadily increased.  In February 2012, after selling the conventional retail part of our pharmacy business, Door Creek Pharmacy became Hoey Apothecary, and we now specialize only in compounding and long term care pharmacy.

Hoey Apothecary and our individual pharmacists are all licensed by the State of Wisconsin.  In addition, we hold memberships in the following professional organizations:

  • Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin
  • Professional Compounding Centers of America
  • National Community Pharmacists Association
  • International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists

Our pharmacists Kevin Hoey, R.Ph., Sue Sveda, R.Ph., and Allison Attoe, Pharm.D., have received specialized training in compounding techniques, hormone replacement therapy, and veterinary compounding, in addition to being licensed pharmacists.  To see more about their individual training and experience, please see below.

Hoey Apothecary is open 9am - 6pm, Monday thru Friday and 9am - 1pm on Saturday.  Additional hours are available by appointment.  We accept most major health insurance plans. For additional location and contact information, please click here or call us a 608-221-4639.  We look forward to serving you.


Meet our Pharmacists:

Kevin M. Hoey, R.Ph.

Born and raised in Iowa, I am a 1986 graduate of the University of Iowa (Go Hawkeyes!).  I first became interested in a career in pharmacy while still in high school, working in the local independent pharmacy.  I greatly admired the pharmacists’ personal connection with their patients and the impact they had on their overall healthcare.  In 1989, my wife, Janell, and I relocated to the Madison area and eventually settled in Cottage Grove when we opened Door Creek Pharmacy in 1996.

Around ten or fifteen years ago, I became interested in the resurgence of compounding pharmacy, mostly thanks to a young pharmacist who came to work at Door Creek Pharmacy.  Since then, I have received intensive training in compounding techniques and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.  In addition, I also have a strong interest in clinical nutrition, both professionally and personally.  I have been a dedicated runner since my high school days, having completed over thirty marathons and too many cross country and road races than I care to count.  I know from personal experience how nutrition impacts my running performance and recovery, as well as my overall health.


Sue Sveda, R.Ph.

Always interested in math and science, I was encouraged by great pharmacist mentors to pursue a career in pharmacy while I was still in high school, working at a local pharmacy.  I have worked in a variety of pharmacy settings and especially appreciate those opportunities that allow me to work with patients, directly impacting their health. 

I am a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and have been practicing pharmacy for 20+ years.  I am especially interested in hospice care, geriatric medicine and pain management.

In my “off” time, I enjoy being a wife and mother of two boys.  I definitely keep busy being active in the boys’ education, sports and activities.  In addition, I enjoy participating in our church's bell choir and orchestral group.

Allison Attoe, Pharm.D.

Like Kevin, I grew up in Iowa, where I attend Wartburg College, receiving a degree in biology.  I continued my education at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, receiving my Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2006.  After graduating, I began working with Kevin as a staff pharmacist at Door Creek Pharmacy.  Since 2008, I have acted as a Clinical Instructor for the UW School of Pharmacy, serving as a preceptor for several pharmacy students who completed  rotations at Door Creek Pharmacy.

In January 2012, when Kevin got the opportunity to specialize in compounding and long term care service as Hoey Apothecary, I was grateful to have the opportunity to continue working with Kevin and Sue.  As a Pharmacist, I enjoy the ability to help people, or sometimes animals, through medication management.  Whether it be counseling someone on a new pain cream or pet medication, the basics of hormone saliva testing, or just checking a weekly medication box or monthly meds for one of our assisted-living facilities or adult group homes, I hope to help each patient maintain or improve their health.

Working at Hoey Apothecary has allowed me to continue working in the profession I love, and spend more time with my family. I have a wonderful husband, who I have been married to for six years, and two beautiful girls. In my free time, I enjoy reading a good book and most outdoor activities, such as biking, kayaking or just going for a walk with my family

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